Building a Spring Boot 2 Auto-Configuration and Starter with Kotlin and Gradle

A concept that makes Spring Boot very powerful are its Starters and Auto-Configuration. It enables the automatic inclusion of dependencies and configuration or initialization based on several conditions. Recently I have been looking for a tutorial or “best practice” on how to use Gradle to build a custom starter. Since I was unable to find an example I ended up writing my own. I also added some Kotlin into the mix.
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Using Jib to Build Docker Images for Spring Boot 2 Applications

If you want to create a Docker image from your Spring Boot 2 application you can use various plugins for Gradle or Maven. They all have in common that the application itself will be added as a single layer containing the full jar including all dependencies. For a typical Spring Boot 2 application this means, that for each build an image layer of at least 60MB has to be pushed to the registry.
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