Another try

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I’ve tried to start blogging before. But like many other I didn’t stick to it very long. This is another try to share my thoughts, ideas and things I discover.

The problem

I came to the conclusion that I wanted to much to fast. Having a great design, thousands of great plugins, galleries for my photography…

I never really finished starting. There is this WordPress instance on a server waiting to be finished. Or my SquareSpace account with a lot of half finished content and still placeholder images I eventually wanted to replace with my own photography. I’ve canceled my account after paying for almost two years without ever publishing any article.

Why is it worth to give it another try?

In my everyday life I profit a lot from things other people have encountered. This is true for my private and professional life. I want to contribute to this global community.

I like tinkering around and discover things. Hopefully this will help one or the other reaching a goal or feeling better.

What will be different this time

So what will I do different this time?

This time I decided not to go with a full blown WordPress installation at the beginning but starting with this simple blog running on a VPS provided by DigitalOcean. No Big theme, no plugins just simple content.

I thought about using tumblr or Medium but I want to own my content and be able to mess around with it the way I want. However that doesn’t mean that I will not try to post one thing or the other on these platforms since I do like and use them a lot.

What can you expect

First of all: Nothing ;)

I hope I will find the time to write about many stuff I enjoy. Be it things I learn from being a professional software developer. Things I encounter when tinkering with the “Internet of Things”. Or maybe you will find some photography I’m doing or learn about the gear I’m using.

However this time I will not promis anything. Neither to my readers and not to myself. You will not find polished texts but instead a lot of typing errors.

Let’s find out…