Moving my 100 Days of Code Challenge Log

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100 Days of Code

I’m on my 100 Days of Code Challenge for about a month now.

So far my experience is very mixed. There are days when I’ve lot of things to do and get back home very late. In this case it feels more like a burden to have the challenge going on. On other days it’s fine and I enjoy the focus I gain through the simple rules. Therefore the outcome of every day can vary a lot. At the beginning I wanted to produce a working pice of work each day. But I eventually realized that it’s ok to have days where things just don’t work out. The lesson I’ve learned is that it’s important to constantly practice and push forward.

So far I’ve maintained the log that is part of this challenge on GitHub using the template provided by Alexander Kallaway. I now decided to bring my daily log over to my blog since I may want to add some more Information and can bring everything together in one place.

So from now on you will find my log entries right here as regular blog entries . I appreciate if you follow along ;)