A Maven archetype for bootstrapping a JavaEE 7 / Twitter Bootstrap project

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I know that Twitter Bootstrap is discussed very controversially in the community of “real” designers. However I like this template framework since it provides me a way to bootstrap a new project very quickly and have a variety of utilities at hand for creating a responsive frontend. I’m using Bootstrap for a long time now and became comfortable with it.

Also the task to set up a JavaEE 7 web project has become much easier there are still some things to configure and set up to have a JSF frontend with Bootstrap and some other features I usually need to work.

Inspired by the javaee7-essential-archetype written by Adam Bien I created a maven archetype that initializes a JavaEE 7 project containing the current version of Twitter Bootstrap (3.3.6 at the time of this writing) and some other features like a text resource and a very simple template.

The archetype can be cloned from the repository at GitHub. After getting the archetype project you have to install it using mvn install. Maybe I will eventually provide the archetype by a public plugin repository.

To use the archetype you execute

mvn archetype:generate -Dfilter=de.roamingthings:javaee7-bootstrap-archetype