[100 Days of Code] Day 042: May 23, 2017

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100 Days of Code Java Spring Framework

After being not able to work on the project in the last days on a regular basis due to personal reasons I’m now back on my regular schedule.

Today’s Progress: Started migrating to OAuth 2 (again) and Liquibase because of some plans I have for the future direction I want to take with this project.

Things I’ve learned: Also I already did work with Liquibase I learned some more details about changelogs. I also looked deeper into OAuth 2 with Spring by looking at the Spring Security OAuth examples from Baeldung

Things I’ve planned for tomorrow: Continue on the migration to Liquibase and OAuth 2

Link(s) to work: The project is in an intermediate state and will not run. I don’t like to commit unfinished work but since this is a side project I have to stop from time to time. expenses-services