[100 Days of Code] Day 032: May 11, 2017

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100 Days of Code STM32 CMake

Today’s Progress: I wanted to base my STM32 project on a different example that uses LL (low level) drivers and better demonstrates the Usage of I2C on the STM32 for my purpose.
Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get the example to compile (yet).

Things I’ve learned: I learned that I either do not know enough about the stm32-cmake toolchain I’ve been using so far or that it’s not easy to switch between HAL and LL drivers on a per project base. I have to investigate more on that and may have to modify the buildchain, use another example or do something else. Since this needs a lot of time it’s more likely I will continue on this project on the weekend.

Things I’ve planned for tomorrow: Getting back to my expense-project and add some more user management.

Link(s) to work: Nothing visible/working today.