[100 Days of Code] Day 032: May 10, 2017

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100 Days of Code STM32 Embedded

Today’s Progress: Finally setup the second “bigger” project I want to proceed. The aim is to learn about the STM32 by creating a small device based on a STM32 MCU that senses environmental information and finally transmits it over a (long range) wireless technology like LoRa or Zigbee.
Today I setup the basic project structure by copying an I2C project from the CubeMX framework into my project structure utilizing the stm32-cmake build chain I’ve updated in the last days. The project compiles and loads on my machine and Nucleo-L476RG board and the debugger shows that the firmware is running also it’s not doing anything meaningful for me right now.

Things I’ve learned: Setting up a new project based on the project structure I’ve previously build.

Things I’ve planned for tomorrow: Look deeper into the I2C driver from ST and try to get a smoktest running by sending any meaningful to the BME280.

Link(s) to work: STM32 Environment Probe