[100 Days of Code] Day 060: June 14, 2017

Unfortunately I had some important things to manage in the last days and therefore have not been able to work a lot on my projects. However since I’m doing this challenge to motivate myself and to have constant progress in my project I will continue where I left off a few days ago. Today’s Progress: Managed to get Jenkins collect all test results. Still don’t know why the integration tests are flickering.
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Control following of redirects with Rest-Assured

By default Rest-Assured will follow a redirection if it receives a 302 response after issuing a request. In this case your checks will be applied to the response after the redirect. Some times you may not want this to happen and rather examine the response of the original request for example to extract cookies or assert the correct location of the redirect. To achieve this you can use the redirects().follow(false) directive when formulating the request:
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