[100 Days of Code] Day 056: June 7, 2017

Today’s Progress: I have been fighting with eclipse link the whole time. Suddenly my integration tests that where using JPA did stop working. Finally I decided to switch to Hibernate which solved my problems. Things I’ve learned: I will be using Hibernate from now on whenever possible. Things I’ve planned for tomorrow: Continue to publish the whole dependency chain so I can continue with my CD pipeline. Link(s) to work: rules-jpa

Running/Debugging Arquillian Integration-Tests with WildFly inside IntelliJ 15

Unfortunately integration testing needs a great effort to be set up. But once you have it up and running you benefit from being able to examine how multiple parts are working together. Configure the embedded container using maven Add an Arquillian profile to your pom.xml. This will allow you to run the integration-tests using maven and allows you to deploy and configure the WildFly container itself. <profiles> <profile> <id>arquillian-wildfly-embedded</id> <dependencies> <dependency> <groupId>org.
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