About Me

Software Development, Agile and Mobile Technology — My passion and fascination.

My name is Alexander Sparkowsky. I’m a graduated Engineer (Dipl.-Ing.), passionate and professional software engineer, tinkerer and maker based in Berlin, Germany.

My professional work focusses on enterprise Applications, Agile, DDD and embedded systems.

Creating Software is a Craft

From my experience creating software is not just writing code but a craft following some core values:

  • Value for the customer
  • Sustainability
  • Quality
  • Readability
  • Simplicity
  • Self-documented

How I like to work

When working communication and creativity are key to success. Therefore my preferred way to work is characterised by

  • Room to be creative - I like sketching and drawing, stickies and markers to illustrated problems, find solutions and communicate with others
  • No silos - Especially on complex systems it’s very important that everybody shares their knowledge
  • Communicate respectful and open
  • Work in an agile environment - I don’t care if it’s called Scrum, Kanban or ‘Scrumban’

What interests me

I’m developing Software in Java since version 1.0.2 in the late 1990s. It is still one of my favourite platforms. Lately I started to embrace Kotlin as a pragmatic and modern alternative in the JVM space.

Since my early youth I’m fascinated from working with microcontrollers. Back then I started to discover Z80, 8051 and AVR. In the early 2000s I developed systems utilizing Bluetooth and iBeacon technology.

Beside my interest in computing I love analog and digital photography.

You can also talk with me about brewing and enjoying a good cup of coffee.

Professional Experience

Throughout my career I’ve developed software using Java, JavaEE and Spring Boot. I’ve also being developing mobile applications for iOS.

  • Since 2017 I’m working as a Senior Software Engineer and team architect at DPDHL IT Services (Berlin) GmbH. Through this work I learned how to work with very large and complex systems in an agile environment.
  • In 2018 I co-authored “Spring Boot 2 Fundamentals” published on Packt Publishing Ltd.
  • Still being studying computer science I became a co-founder and managing director of LambdaLogic Informationssyteme GmbH in 1999. During the following 17 years I learned how to provide software and services for events reaching from small company events to conferences up to 30,000 pax. I learned how to manage a business, work with customers from acquiring to implement and later deliver a project, got insights of the event management sector and experienced software development.
  • I’ve graduated in Computer Science (Technische Informatik) at the TU Berlin.