About Me

Mobile Technology — My passion and fascination.

That's Me, Alexander Sparkowsky

My name is Alexander Sparkowsky and I'm based in Berlin, Germany.

I'm a professional full stack software engineer with many years of experience in Java EE, Spring, Web development and iOS mobile application development.

In 1999 I've been cofounding a company LambdaLogic which is providing software and IT services for conferences and events.

Mobile and embedded computing as well as the Internet of Things are the most interesting topics for me. Early on I've been working with microcontroller systems like 8051 or AVR. At the moment I'm looking into possible applications for iBeacon and Bluetooth LE.

Beside my interest in computing I love analog and digital photography. You can also talk with me about brewing and enjoying a good cup of coffee.

Enjoy the site and get in touch with me if you have any questions.